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We value risk takers that tested their filmmaking abilitties with no safety net. We cherish the efforts of those who dare to state their creative claim with both instinct and self exposure. The strength of an idea. That's what it's all about. We welcome all films produced with few means and where voluntarism self sacrifice was turned in to a strong creative cinematic catalyst. We have a soft spot for under-appreciated gems and we pledge to find honest, strong and mature work wherever it may be.  



Lula Béry
Head Programmer

Born in Paris, settled in Brussels in 1991 and graduated from INSAS in 1994.

As an actress starred in short and feature films such as Destinées Sentimentales by Olivier Assayas,  Fluctuations Du Vide by Christophe Delbecq and Ce Qui Échappe d’Elodie Chevillot.

Took part in several theatrical creations and worked with the actor/performer Bernard Van Eeghem in DE (E)migranten, produced by De Werf for Brugge 2002. Created « La passion selon… » a short film screened at the Cinema Nova and as part of the exhibition Les Mystères de la Vie at the Ecurie/RTT and festival Baron Perché. As a video artist Co-founded the theatrical company oh my God with Barbara Sylvain with whom she created and performed « It’s so nice »




Ricardo Franco studied Cinema and Film Programming at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School (ESTC. IPL), at NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH. UNL) and at RESTART Creative Education.

He also studied Philosophy and Teaching of Philosophy at FCSH, UNL, Scientific Investigation at IFILNOVA, UNL, Revision of Scientific Texts at CLEPUL, UL, and Theater Directing under Claudio Hochman, at Teatro de Carnide.


Ricardo Franco
Head Programmer
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